Sep 20, 2010

we live in dutchess county

Dutch settled here, then Germans. FDR had a house in hyde park! Dutchess county fair- so clean compared to the NC fair. for one the walkways were paved, so the whole mud/trash/ rogue toilet paper phenomenon that encapsulates the NC fair wasnt really an issue here.
keith, lucy and david and some cheap ass ice cream.


hotsauce said...

um yeah but were there 8 year olds smoking cigarettes?
or fried twinkies?
uh huh. just as i suspected.

dcal* said...

dude! it was so sanitary it was kinda lame! nothing compares to the north calacky fair! remember when i got that upper ear piercing and my ear was all purple and you kept making me go on the upside down rides!!?? goddam, ferguson, you made my youth feel good.