Sep 30, 2010

palm oil

lil brownie

Sep 29, 2010


sleepless nights are kind of amusing. i used to sleep like a normal person, 7, 8, 9, 10, an occasional, whoa i slept 11 hours! tonight i tried to fall asleep at 11 o clock. I shut the lights out, I set my alarms (i have two not just one) and did the pesty deep breathing exercises i imagine some sleep experts would advice me to do. i imagine a field of green and a fence of black. I imagine the first sheep. Hey, why is that sheep black?..lets make it off white, a dirty stone. it got over the fence. heres comes the next one....and the third one is fat and slow, and the next few leap right over because i am getting tired of this game.

An hour later, im at the desk. coffee, a beer (probably not wise at this point as my paper is not complete). I know I will be up at 3 and still at four, then Ill walk toward the kitchen at dawn.

rock and hard place.

GD paper writing. can i hide under you?

Sep 28, 2010


outside shady, ny



driving while taking photos, dont get too excited.

Sep 27, 2010


Sep 22, 2010

the middle of your heart is the center of the storm


a thread

Sep 20, 2010

formatting and i are going to duke it out in hell

blowin my load as usual

so there was a tornado in brooklyn...

my best pal at school is lucy. lucy has red hair and a red hot personality. i like to call her Lucifer and being in school with her reminds me of that song from the hair soundtrack about getting expelled from highschool. This song went through my head quite a bit at the beginning but now we are all doing just fine....right?
Me and Lucifer
Lucifer and me
Just like the angel that fell
Banished forever to Hell
Today have I been expelled
From high school heaven

Elevator going down
Going down

This is my doom, my humiliation
October, not June
And it's summer vacation
Such a disgrace
How can i face the nation?
Why should this pain
Bring me such strange elation?

Emancipation proclamation
Oh Dr. Lincoln
My head needs shrinkin'
Lu lu lu lu lu lu Lucifer and me
Doomed from here
To e-ter-ni-ty!

Everybody going down down down
Going down

Forgive me if I don't cry
It's like the Fourth of July
Thank God that angels can fly
Going down down down

throwing stuff into the green pond

we live in dutchess county

Dutch settled here, then Germans. FDR had a house in hyde park! Dutchess county fair- so clean compared to the NC fair. for one the walkways were paved, so the whole mud/trash/ rogue toilet paper phenomenon that encapsulates the NC fair wasnt really an issue here.
keith, lucy and david and some cheap ass ice cream.

Sep 19, 2010

the ride around

Sep 16, 2010


Sep 15, 2010

always a zone 

Sep 12, 2010

Sep 9, 2010

oil spill journalism

"Among the report’s most significant conclusions is a finding by investigators that the blowout came up the center of the pipe, not along the outside of the well casing, the area known as the annulus." nyt

Sep 7, 2010

grad school snuck in and piled dust on my camera

Sep 6, 2010


Sep 5, 2010

agenda sphere

prettiest girl!

Sep 2, 2010

Holy Cow