Dec 30, 2011


Dec 29, 2011

missin ruby

Dec 28, 2011

he is real


Dec 24, 2011

Dec 21, 2011

Dec 19, 2011

im meeeelting

says the permafrost

Dec 15, 2011

Walt, How can I ever make it up to you?

Dec 14, 2011


park rd house

mama pace


do you ever fall asleep at the foot of the bed

Dec 12, 2011

a but creepy, indeed.

the room in the basement

I wandered around down in the basement in the four story Park Rd rowhouse in DC and found a hidden bedroom. 

already distracted obviously

i dont like how now that when you click on one of the photos to see a larger version, the background is black. most photos look better with white behind them or at least to my eyes they do. can you help?

three great men

re entering school mode

Now that I only have school to focus on there really are no excuses to not hide away and move diligently through some research. The words Texas and Taxes are nearly identical. Thats what I have learned so far.

Dec 8, 2011

L Dog.

pity party? hardly!!!

i quit facebook (temporarily)

my boss just told me she is going to try and hire me after school?

Dec 5, 2011

C & A 's NYC WED

tried to snap a picture of them coming back from the alter but it was all so lovely and magical I was a little late! love how happy they look though!

Dec 4, 2011

one of each

Dec 1, 2011

d ville

Nov 29, 2011

I feel like I am taking the expression, "FAKE IT, 'TILL YOU MAKE IT" to a whole new level this year.

Nov 28, 2011


miss u boo

Nov 26, 2011

"aren't you a little old to be wrecking hotel rooms?"- MOM

Nov 24, 2011


oh hey derr

Nov 21, 2011

just bein super cute no


Baby James

looking cute in his dad's hat

Nov 17, 2011