Jan 30, 2008

i do it for the money

Jan 29, 2008


this is from my cell phone. whoa. i am sure it just cost $1.99 to send it so that will be all of that. beatbox.



Jan 25, 2008

for mewmewDIVA69


Jan 17, 2008

peaceful in 08?

Jan 16, 2008

marriage proposal gone sour

"here are two dozen roses and a honey dew, (your nickname)
"thank you, you're...sweet"
"honey dew, i love you, will you marry me?"


went to the old house where they shot the cover of ummagumma.

Jan 11, 2008


Jan 10, 2008

"Hold on Loosely

but don't let gooo-ohoh"
we gotta figure out how to put songs on the blawg

Jan 9, 2008

motor city

see any familiar faces in this crowd.....


never again...

....are we hosting the new years day brunch. brutal. krausey took a lot of good pictures but hasn't posted any of them ...ahem!
spence looking hawt:

unity in 08.ha

staying up past twelve is always a little tough on grandpa

forbes is THE BEST!

seconds before the new year began we joined hands to form a huge circle on the roof of some building in bushwick and sang Journey as loud as possible....i vaguely remember singing Silent Night too

Jan 8, 2008

step 2

my favorite picture of mac

krausey and liz, arm in arm

singing and dancing the whole way

paul todd, such a mood setter

hands up!

the evening began at jason and adams, people were looking hawt,

Jan 6, 2008

you're my obsession

Jan 3, 2008

fools or foolish

so either nobody got the joke with the five pens ("move two of these objects to make something round" ) or everybody (meaning the 4 of you) thought it was stupid. just in case, it spells the work "Tits". which are round. i thought it was funny...when i was 14.

and happy 2008!