Dec 31, 2009

ah yes

jiggle bells

i think we needed this one as big as possible.

On another note. I dont enjoy much about Manhattan Ave. anymore. its filthy and the strip's crazies just freak me out. The noises that come out of peoples bodies on Manhattan avenue are unmatched. Today i had to cross the street because there were two men coughing and clearing shit from their throats louder than loud. The other side of the street was no relief. I made the mistake of making eye contact with a crazy and to me he asked "Do you think you can make it to next year?"

WHAT?? Talk about throwing me off center.

Dont blame him, hes from mass!

blizzard 09 and the constant eye roll

neither good mac nor bad mac...

Dec 30, 2009

take oasis

Dec 28, 2009

Dec 26, 2009

play slow piano

Dec 24, 2009

dear santa bring puppies

he-ey. im sitting on the couch at my parents house wishing i was at my apartment in brooklyn. i feel so restless. i made a lousy pie. i went and looked at an old volvo today that i passed a few times downtown. its white and long and about as old as my 23 yr old brother. the sign said "good for college students or new drivers" how about good for me to drive to work in. i kelly blue booked it, maybe they will bring the price down a few thousand bucks and sell it for like $600 cash. its a piece.

i do love the holiday cheer though and the still winter months in NC. Steph and i went to the Culbreth track today for some easy fitness and drove out Damascus Church Road to the old house. Dont take the backway home it makes me so sad for leaving, the southland the praising life, putting rocks into piles!

i have never been serious about new years resolutions but would like to break my habit of swearing like a sailor.
tomorrows christmas. i wish i had some photos up to look at. 2009 was a building year for me. in a limited way that can be interpreted however you would like. im so thankful for my friends, and you too creepy cyber people!!

Dec 7, 2009

move it

glass house

out my house

Dog house!


Dec 6, 2009


HEart PaLPItaTIoNs

a day without pigeons

G train

For those of who describe me to your friends as somebody who "operates within a four blog radius" -well, you are usually right, but thats changing you'll see.

como se dice treehugger en enspanol

Dec 4, 2009

Dec 3, 2009

Nov 13, 2009

Nov 10, 2009

eye eye

Nov 8, 2009

this seems appropriate

with rumors of lamb stew and the bitter reality of having leave my soft bed so early in the morning yet again, i figured this crazed and fluffy creature would make for good inspiration today. i developed a "disposable" camera- pictures that my friend kea took at a farm long ago.

Nov 7, 2009

Nov 4, 2009


arex tribec

Nov 2, 2009


Oct 19, 2009

an email i received almost three years ago that made me crack up just now.

i officially despise the editorial assistant. she is a snobby dumb
shit. i feel bad. should i feel bad? you dont have to answer that
because i actually dont feel that bad.

Oct 17, 2009


Oct 4, 2009

songs for the strong

this is a link to my friend luke's music. hes so talented...warning, its fucking SAD. but so true and good.

yadiyadiya, get down.

Oct 2, 2009

Oct 1, 2009

empire city

It was these two that JayZ found when he went out seeking inspiration for his new album

what IS that?

why dont you come down here and try it.

this is far better than the fireworks display i saw last year.
so you are gone!

Sep 30, 2009

dan goes to the country home
dan enjoys the living room in the country home
dan enjoys the tv in the living room of the country home
dan enjoys the steak in front of the tv in the living room of the country home
dan wakes up in the country home

Sep 22, 2009