Dec 31, 2007


ok i wore these heinous (sp?) sneaks for about a year. we called them the black assasins. they were just so comfortable and i was walking so much, i figured why the heck not.. but shit! they are so not cute. at all. i figured it would be an appopriate last day of the year tribute. assasinate the assasins. listen to me! god, i'm like, hip hop-

Dec 21, 2007

Dec 20, 2007


i wish this bloog played music too.

think irish tunes

my mind is like an arrow

Dec 18, 2007

TIT. haha. get it?
camille showed me that in like 8th grade. i was wowed.

a little game...

CHALLENGE: move two of these objects to make something round. Winner receives (spellcheckalways fixes that word) a totally A+ carepackage.... what you got?

make it LOOK good

its winter, its icy and everybody's talking 'bout it. I don't have too many photos right now and i know this picture above is a cop out and a tad inappropriate. somebody wishes THEY got to go to MIami....

Dec 17, 2007


Dec 12, 2007

jumping contest

Dec 11, 2007

Dec 10, 2007



Dec 7, 2007


deciembre 06

Dec 4, 2007

waddy peytona's inspiration

stick a dread with super glue
stick it to your sister, sue
place another maybe two,
in her favorite high heel shoe.

poor div

my brother has mono, its the end of the semester, and he goes to a v. hard college. poor dave..