Nov 30, 2007

10 ways to survive the cold winter..... by Menon

sit by the window and smoke even if you aren't a smoker ..(eh-hem .TIM)
experimental cooking......whoops!
get a little dog (duh)
try and get it together
visit me at the coffee shop on sundays

hang tough with C(h)arl
free your mind
drink and drive (no)
bundle up with hot friends and dine out
be sad/sit alone in the dark (no)

Nov 29, 2007

thanksgiving day

spank it
my bro
buddy, my one true love. look at him.


we were never in the same exposure together he took a picture of me and then i took a picture of him (i think he had a special lil camera) in the email he had the picture titled "day i whooped yo ass in a v-neck" ha!

Nov 28, 2007

coming soon...

WHEN LIITTLE DOGS ATTACK-daintyfatman's best impression of charlie brown's dadizzy, meet rusty.

late night beauty pageant in norf carolina.....

norf carolina

i love this picture
bff steph f, and C(h)arl her boyee
matt looking like a model
rick and the twinz
pickin party

Nov 26, 2007

san fran 06

james martin sent me this picture of drew and i at breakfast in the Mission from last year, i had a good haircut then
he sent it in response to a picture he was forwarded from me, this keg in my room at the White House. funny!

Nov 16, 2007


when an only child shares

post marathon

donut come over without your cigarettes, donut come over and say i just ate, donut sit on my bed in your sweaty clothing please

late in the game

view from apt. so close, mile 12
mac had to wake up 6 hours earlier than usual. mac are you feeling okay? you like you might ......blllaaaaawg~

the marathon: is over. This was my 3rd year seeing the marathon, and the first year i was glad i wasn't and will never run 26.2. miles.

Nov 15, 2007

circus of fear

Nov 14, 2007

twinkle twinkle


blawgs are actually blogs for lawyers, but i say you can't patent that shit. above is a slice of my ideal world. also ideally, i would have pictures of the photo girls at Eckerd, or rite-aid, whichever it is now. she's amzing. she calls in sick more than i do, and when she is there the photo machine is always down. this morning i picjed up a found roll, all black and white, more like brown from a party we had at the White house. if they had remembered to put the photos on a cd it would have made for the most ultimate of college posts ever. highlights include julianne with d-locks, miles, pre posh kate, buzzed hair forbes, vj, pace with nose ring, vibes. perhaps i'll stop being a lzay piece of shit and scan some. miss me?

Nov 13, 2007