Aug 25, 2011


Aug 24, 2011


Aug 22, 2011


always setting sail!

Aug 21, 2011

sleep dancing


Aug 20, 2011


i cNt type fr this if I cam going as fast as possible and including deleting things aralong the way (like I just wrote around instead of alaong just then and had to go back twice) it still loooks pretty sloppy style. I blame the keyboard after conducitng this test. Or is ir becuase I ahvw fone from a smaller lap top. end /

Aug 19, 2011



me: there is a salamander in my room
elizabeth: WHAT?
no way
get it out!!!!!!!!!!!
me: it hid
elizabeth: or trap it
and pet it
me: i cant
its so creepy
elizabeth: shit!
are you sure?
are you on weed?
how did it get in?
i think they carry salmonilla

Aug 18, 2011

a different Park Avenue

I'm moving to DC in a week and a half and do not know what to expect at all. Im living in a boarding house owned and "operated" by a woman named Lee. Lee is unusually calm and a wealth of tasteful and harmonious decor hints at the forty plus years she has owned the building. It is a three story row house in a neighborhood called Mt. Pleasant. All I know about the area is that it borders a large park called Rock Creek park ( i think thats what it is called- ppl compare it to central park in NY but thats not saying much), it is historically a Latino neighborhood, and that from some people's perceptive it is considered suburban (not so much if you ask me). Lee has me on the third floor; a room with two twin beds on opposite walls and two windows in between. I am most curious about my commute, what the person living down the hall who has been there for two years is like and if they ever leave their room, and if I am going to get a second job. There isnt internet there so I better find out where the library is and sharpen my pencils. I will only be there for four months.

sweet faces at vH

pink accents at the murdershack

Aug 13, 2011

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Aug 9, 2011

ribbons and pearls

Aug 2, 2011

survey says car photography is poor.

bye murder shack. i'll miss your sneezes