Oct 19, 2009

an email i received almost three years ago that made me crack up just now.

i officially despise the editorial assistant. she is a snobby dumb
shit. i feel bad. should i feel bad? you dont have to answer that
because i actually dont feel that bad.

Oct 17, 2009


Oct 4, 2009

songs for the strong


this is a link to my friend luke's music. hes so talented...warning, its fucking SAD. but so true and good.

yadiyadiya, get down.

Oct 2, 2009

Oct 1, 2009

empire city

It was these two that JayZ found when he went out seeking inspiration for his new album

what IS that?

why dont you come down here and try it.

this is far better than the fireworks display i saw last year.
so you are gone!