Feb 27, 2011

Feb 26, 2011

Shawangunk Ridge

changes in the weather

Feb 24, 2011


we didnt really watch the game. arm wrestling seemed more fun. Plus, I was distracted by the fact that both teams had on yellow pants. Where was the coordination on that one?


Feb 23, 2011


i know #3 is pure cheese, but remember how much solo time i have up here. also, i miss mac glovinsky.

Feb 21, 2011

polar bear plunge

i like how the photos make it look like our dip into the icey waters was leisurely, and slow. In reality, i was in and out faster than a splash baptismal.

FR-uh-eezing waters, warm air, racoon eyes


Feb 18, 2011

Feb 14, 2011

 this haunted forest 

Feb 10, 2011

no shit

Feb 9, 2011

Feb 8, 2011

nano nano nano
nano nano

Feb 7, 2011

Feb 6, 2011

solo club

First trip to the Adirondacks

parker got in a wreck :(

its an ice rink up here.