Feb 28, 2009

lolly pop gang

ste makes big batch of brunswick stew
mil dog baking some something

becca, making a grey day look brighter

"ya'll are gonna love this"

i put in my notice at cynnnn. i know i know. you guys arent going to know WHAT to do on tuesdays and wednesdays anymore. forbes you have my number if you are feeling sad just give a call.
i cant even think of anything clever to write. the job got bad. slow during the winter. a string of completely intolerable patrons who all felt compelled to stay for hours and hours. the basement, thick rat air.
perhaps when the weather gets warmer we can have a little reunion. 

Feb 27, 2009


i must say digital cameras are convenient. this happened to be a nice big one. yesterday was jacks birthday and we ate some good tacos. tequila wont enter my system for at least 6 months at this point. im betting this font will be huge. 

Feb 24, 2009

things are hairy

Feb 19, 2009

ste n g


another day

Feb 17, 2009

next saturday

get on the train

Feb 9, 2009


"you never make enough coffee!"

commuter train 

Feb 6, 2009

sweet margie face

just some male models that come into egg sometimes.:)


lounge that is.