Mar 31, 2008


buddy is the prince, the best little dog ever.
rusty is also small, and absolutely inferior to buddy. my mom says rusty has emotional problems, but i still don't feel bad for him. and he smells.
finally, Sophie, the big dog, she is old, and since she has stopped peeing all over the house she is extremely mellow.
Who needs to go out!?

paprika easter pamela

i got home and dad was all "i thought we would dye some eggs!" OKAY!
he was pleased with the outcome
dad and our good friend Brandon on easter/my dad's birthday!
mom calls it Mando

Mar 28, 2008


i stumbled upon this video checking out a pdx band called Reporter. Some great footage of Too Much Bike Posse's wild ride, pdx summer 07. man, it was fun.

our lil brooklyn bike posse has some serious serious rallying to do!

life in the g.p.t .

i thought these were on color film?!?!? NOPE. and they printed them. dang rite aid. well use oyur imaginations. there were some Very bright Reds!

hurry up,
get laid
go on,
no one
looks at the backyard until the sparrow makes way.
sure i meant hell
when i said heaven
sure i meant nothing
at all
some mornings when i fall away.

Mar 26, 2008


Mar 21, 2008

thanks john!

john sent us a wonderful photo that we hung in the kitchen so we could look at it everyday and be reminded of wonderful river adventures and good friends in Oregon!

flaccid tulip

we went to grandma and grandpa's

this "jumpout van" always parks on our street- it really freaks me out

guess i lied about spring being here. h
token grandpa shot. so handsome

jas and em
somebody looks pretty cute without the terrorist beard!!
though her nickname is crusty, she is quite a foxy italian
though lipless, how her hair doth shine!

professional photogrpahy


Mar 18, 2008

march madness

i can't wait to go to NC and see these people! go heels!

Mar 14, 2008



awe! come over on saturday night to celebrate the birth of this little gem. we need to get a microphone.

Mar 12, 2008


it rained

uplifting right? god these are weak. the other half of the roll is pictures of tv screens, my chin, and a few intersections. blame it on the camera people.