Oct 30, 2007

more burning of foodstuffs

this time it was juices from an apple pie that i left on a cookie sheet whilst the oven pre heated itsel f towards 400 degrees. i just remembered that the pan is still out back too.
i love groups shots. brunch with tymmy, jessie,grandpa,krausey,em, and marge

from two years ago

when i moved to new york and quickly landed a salary job i thought i was rich. So i (dumbdumbdumb) bought a really expensive video camera one day on my lunchbreak (impulseimpulseimpulse) it took some great pictures. and it even had night vision.

we had fun with it for a few weeks and then i totally panicked and sold it on ebay. my posting on ebay looked highly fraudulent. i had to use a stock photo of this super nice digital camera, which looked like i was selling stolen merch. and i remember writing. "sorry i don't have a picture of the camera, but i can't take a picture of it becuase its my only camera, get it?" well, this all happened exactly two years ago.
i also had a cell phone cam too which was fun now that i think of it. me and miss muto on the bus 11.14.05! and jewboy and paulie in greenpoint

Oct 29, 2007

i feel like i should be fired for this

i feel like i am violating office law... this is where i spend a lot of time

marge got hit by a ball in the park and fell over


i just found this fever dream on my computer at work. i think its the first thing i did when i found out how to work photoshop. the original was taken years ago in steph f's yard in NC, there was snow on the ground. the cake was so good. i have since lost the sweater and the scarf.
view from my room-pronounced rum by boston red sox fans-

Oct 26, 2007

lil mirakles

tearing shit up
all over town,

love you grrrrrl

Oct 23, 2007

Oct 19, 2007

today i yearn for everything zzzz's


what really happened in the Garden of Eden

photos by mulianne cuto

calm down, its casual friday

Oct 18, 2007

from july

Oct 17, 2007