Sep 29, 2010


sleepless nights are kind of amusing. i used to sleep like a normal person, 7, 8, 9, 10, an occasional, whoa i slept 11 hours! tonight i tried to fall asleep at 11 o clock. I shut the lights out, I set my alarms (i have two not just one) and did the pesty deep breathing exercises i imagine some sleep experts would advice me to do. i imagine a field of green and a fence of black. I imagine the first sheep. Hey, why is that sheep black?..lets make it off white, a dirty stone. it got over the fence. heres comes the next one....and the third one is fat and slow, and the next few leap right over because i am getting tired of this game.

An hour later, im at the desk. coffee, a beer (probably not wise at this point as my paper is not complete). I know I will be up at 3 and still at four, then Ill walk toward the kitchen at dawn.

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Pace said...

vicious cycle often accompanied by lock jaw