Aug 18, 2011

a different Park Avenue

I'm moving to DC in a week and a half and do not know what to expect at all. Im living in a boarding house owned and "operated" by a woman named Lee. Lee is unusually calm and a wealth of tasteful and harmonious decor hints at the forty plus years she has owned the building. It is a three story row house in a neighborhood called Mt. Pleasant. All I know about the area is that it borders a large park called Rock Creek park ( i think thats what it is called- ppl compare it to central park in NY but thats not saying much), it is historically a Latino neighborhood, and that from some people's perceptive it is considered suburban (not so much if you ask me). Lee has me on the third floor; a room with two twin beds on opposite walls and two windows in between. I am most curious about my commute, what the person living down the hall who has been there for two years is like and if they ever leave their room, and if I am going to get a second job. There isnt internet there so I better find out where the library is and sharpen my pencils. I will only be there for four months.


John said...

hope you have a blast in DC. I bet 4 months will be an excellent stint there.

p said...

rock creek park had a bunch of murderers in it when I was there. I hope it's changed! It is really beautiful.