Dec 24, 2009

dear santa bring puppies

he-ey. im sitting on the couch at my parents house wishing i was at my apartment in brooklyn. i feel so restless. i made a lousy pie. i went and looked at an old volvo today that i passed a few times downtown. its white and long and about as old as my 23 yr old brother. the sign said "good for college students or new drivers" how about good for me to drive to work in. i kelly blue booked it, maybe they will bring the price down a few thousand bucks and sell it for like $600 cash. its a piece.

i do love the holiday cheer though and the still winter months in NC. Steph and i went to the Culbreth track today for some easy fitness and drove out Damascus Church Road to the old house. Dont take the backway home it makes me so sad for leaving, the southland the praising life, putting rocks into piles!

i have never been serious about new years resolutions but would like to break my habit of swearing like a sailor.
tomorrows christmas. i wish i had some photos up to look at. 2009 was a building year for me. in a limited way that can be interpreted however you would like. im so thankful for my friends, and you too creepy cyber people!!


Pace said...

lovely, Ann.

Julianne said...

miss you, plannie.