Jan 8, 2009

the land

im the only one in my family who is not into guns. though i seem to have great aim. lookout!
mim and div. 
~ 50 acres in Sassafrass fork township,  NC. sure is purdy. there are a tons of beavers though...beavers are pretty destructive. they eat wood. thats so weird.

 future cabin sites, nudity, etc.


John said...

They don't eat wood. They use logs for creating their great houses. what are those things called they live in?

dcal* said...

wow, i guess i sort of thought they ate a little wood. just termites? ha anyway, i think its called a beaver lodge. there are two massive ones on the land. rednecks about to dynamite (no)

dcal* said...

i think they do some wood. wood

Julianne said...

nice socks, plan.