May 22, 2008


jessie told her parents about her new tatoo.
Congrats to the Curse for finishing up culinary school! way to go! i went down south to Asheville to celebrate to celebrate with her and her family. the weekend turned out to be a bittersweet reunion of the oldest and goldest friends from NC. i forgot my camera so i snatched these from camille. enjoy the party. t-baggs
HAPPY to be in the south!11111111

many people are wearing these "$" hats i noticed.

i know dumb boob shit, but the look on jessie's face is priceless. wait boobs! gaaaahhh

pretty high, kick her
clarisse and t baggs, two funniest bitches i know

camille thought this yellow string looked like a thin line of beer coming from her cup. i did not.

Pam got a little too much sun and had to duck out for a nap moments after this was taken

quick, act professional i'm happy to kill you now


Kea!!! said...

im moving.

Mac said...

I too will follow the boobs

Pace said...

are those the shoes you tried on in Phil? mm grl they look good on your feet.

Julianne said...


John said...

did you take one down?

Anonymous said...

yeah i took one down because people actually think people actually look at this blawg