Apr 1, 2008

dear paul, fuck you

so paul has some new roomates, and he is getting rid of some old squalor, (absolutely cum stained) furniture to try and make the place a bit more accommodating. Instead of calling 311 and letting the city know he is moving furniture out, which results in free and easy curbside removal, he has instead decided to put his shit in front of other people's apartments in the neighborhood! he carried this huge ugly ass couch across the street, down the block and around the corner to dump it DIRECTLY in front of my window. piece of shit.


Anonymous said...


dcal* said...

years later, almost 2010, i realize this was a bit harsh. i still dont take it back. i have a few new years resultions this year. less cookies? more excersise? oh no, nothing like that. saying fuck 200 times a day, yes. i will try not to do this. i feel like a new yorker. i miss it when im not there.

dcal* said...

you have seen this path a hundred times!