Nov 14, 2007


blawgs are actually blogs for lawyers, but i say you can't patent that shit. above is a slice of my ideal world. also ideally, i would have pictures of the photo girls at Eckerd, or rite-aid, whichever it is now. she's amzing. she calls in sick more than i do, and when she is there the photo machine is always down. this morning i picjed up a found roll, all black and white, more like brown from a party we had at the White house. if they had remembered to put the photos on a cd it would have made for the most ultimate of college posts ever. highlights include julianne with d-locks, miles, pre posh kate, buzzed hair forbes, vj, pace with nose ring, vibes. perhaps i'll stop being a lzay piece of shit and scan some. miss me?

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John said...

did you go on vacation or something?