Oct 17, 2007

chicken cartoon

gd my grandpa is amazing. last week's meal was one of the best so far-it was a traditional french dish and although i can pronounce it i don't kknow how to spell it and when i try to google it and have them correct me it just comes up "chicken cartoon" me and em's brother, ben. he is about to start working in louisville, Kentucky
testing out the ove glove (?)
uuuh. v. hung still from bday weekend. not to mention last night. i have two steady muscle twitches, one hand, one inner ear. an inner ear muscle twitch. ya heard?


Kea!!! said...

The Ove Glove is made with Tyvek and Kevlar by Dupont. These are the same materials used to protect fire fighters.

Granpa said...

Coq Au Vin

John said...

what are those tiny onions?